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Christmas time is perfect for drinking wine…. and also wine spills – Brighton MI

wine-spill-brighton-miWe’ve received several calls over the past couple weeks about wine spills on carpet. Here are a few tips during this season for taking proper care of wine spills:

First, it’s best to keep some clean white terry cloth rags or towels on hand. It’s important that they’re white so the towels don’t transfer color to the carpet. Paper towels also work, but aren’t as sturdy. Additionally, some paper towels have colorful designs in them, and sometimes they bleed dye. There is nothing worse than cleaning up a spill only to find out that the dye from the towel or rag has transferred to the carpet!

Second, you should use Rendall’s Certified Carpet Spot Remover, which works amazingly well on a wide variety of spots, spills, and stains, including wine, and is safe for your carpet. If using our spotter, simply follow label directions. If you need some, you may order it by calling us at 810-225-2184.

Our spotter is the best spot remover to use on virtually any spill because it’s specifically designed to safely and effectively remove spots and spills from your carpeting without causing possible problems like foamy/sticky residues and color loss; but, if you don’t have our spotter and would like to try something that you can mix up in your kitchen sink, you’ll need the following items:

Do It Yourself wine spill removal

  1. 6-12 clean and dry white cotton terry cloth towels or rags (paper towels w/o ink designs work as well)
  2. An empty and clean 32 oz trigger sprayer
  3. 1 Teaspoon regular Dawn Dish Detergent (not dishwasher soap – just the type you use to wash dishes by hand)

Step 1: Blot up as much of the spill with a dry towel mentioned above. Note: NEVER RUB a spot because rubbing may cause permanent fiber damage! Continue to blot until you don’t see any more transfer of the wine into the towel. Towards the end of your blotting, apply a couple of dry towels on top of the spill and step on them to squeeze out and transfer any remaining wine from the pad and/or backing of the carpet into the towel.

Step 2: Mix 1 Tsp regular Dawn Dish Detergent with 32 oz tap water into the trigger sprayer, and shake to mix well.

Step 3: Spray the water/detergent mixture on the wine spill. Do not soak the area, but apply enough of the spray to fully penetrate the fibers.

Step 4: Wait approximately 10 minutes to allow the spray mixture to penetrate.

Step 5: Using a fresh and dry white terry cloth towel, blot the area, making sure to rotate and flip the towel to the dry areas of the towel as you blot. Also, apply a dry towel to the spill and step on it to remove as much as possible from the pad and/or backing of the carpet.

Step 6: If the wine is still transferring to the towel, perform Steps 3 through 5 again (with fresh towels) until the spill stops transferring into the towels.

If a red spot remains, please stop and give us a call at 810.225.2184


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