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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a highly specialized service because many fabrics used to make upholstery are not made of simple non-bleeding synthetic materials. Therefore it is critical to test the fibers first before choosing the safest and most effective cleaning method.

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Upholstery fabrics

Compounding the complexity of upholstery cleaning is the possibility of blended fibers. Even though the majority of some fabric is made of synthetic materials, it may be blended or highlighted with natural materials like cotton, jute, wool, or even silk. A professional cleaner always takes the entirety of the fabric composition into consideration before choosing the proper solutions, methods, and drying techniques. Failure to select the proper methods and chemistry may result in fading, shrinking, permanent color loss, cellulosic browning, shredding, pile distortion, and several other potentially permanently damaging conditions. That’s why we do a fiber ID test before cleaning unknown or suspect fabrics.

Types of upholstery we clean

We safely and effectively clean virtually all types of upholstery including tapestries. We always test the fabric before proceeding to ensure we choose the safest and most effective upholstery cleaning methods and products. Your upholstery is completely safe in the hands of our highly trained and experienced expert Cleaning Craftsmen!

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