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Spring 2015

The Good News!

by Scott Rendall

Greetings, and welcome to our premier issue of World Class Cleaning News by Rendall’s Cleaning. We have a ton of great info to share with you regarding clean living, so starting with this issue, you can look forward to seeing our Newsletter every quarter. We’re also providing a free expanded online version of our newsletter on our website at:

We’re excited and proud to announce that the 4th Generation of the Rendall Cleaning clan has just begun! My daughter, Jackie Rendall, joined our company last October, and brings with her many years of amazing creativity and outstanding customer service experience.

Also, Justin Streu joined Team Rendall’s Cleaning in October and brings nearly a decade of amazing client service and troubleshooting experience with him to our team.

While Jackie wears many hats in our business, her unofficial title is Queen of Creativity. She’s in charge of office coordination, scheduling, communications, design, social media, website work, and all of the cool creative stuff we do here.

Justin is our newest Journeyman Cleaning Craftsman and has a natural keen sense of cleaning carpet, upholstery, tile, and rugs. their own craft beer. We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome these two extremely talented people into our team!

Grout Cleaning should be fun and easy!

Your permanent fix to grout staining  and general yuckiness

That didn’t sound right, did it? “Grout Cleaning should be fun and easy?” Yes, you read that correctly. It should, and I’m going to explain how.

Grout is mortar, made of sand, cement, and binders that help hold it all together. Grout is mostly used for aesthetic reasons—to fill in gaps between tiles to give the surface a smoother look. Grout also fills in the corners of tile to prevent tripping hazards, but it’s mostly for looks and does not “hold” the tiles together. Tile, especially ceramic and porcelain, are pretty simple to clean—but grout is porous and easily absorbs spills and stains.

To cure this staining issue, we first clean the grout and then apply a color grout sealant that fills in the pores of the grout. Our grout color sealant is uniform, meaning all of the grout lines will look even like when it was new. Best of all, our grout color sealant is super easy to maintain, superbly resists water and oil based spills, and it’s permanent. For more info, please visit our Grout Cleaning page.

Protecting your carpet

Carpet wears out from sand and grit that is tracked in on your carpeting. Frequent vacuuming helps remove these microscopic sharp sand particulates, but over time will build up and start abrading the fibers, causing them to look brownish or grayish. If allowed to stay in this soiled state, the abrasion becomes worse as the gritty soil below “sandpapers” the tiny fibers, which causes light to absorb and not bounce back to our eyes like when it was new.

Therefore, carpeting should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis to prevent sand and soil loading. A general rule of thumb for professional cleaning frequency is at least once a year, but more often with more foot traffic and pets.

After cleaning, a protectant like our “Soil Blocker” should be applied to close up and fill in the microscopic abrasions so that soil doesn’t stick to it as easily, and extends the life of your carpeting. As a bonus, our application of Soil Blocker comes with a free 6-month spot and spill resistance warranty!

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