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When I'm not running the most exciting and extraordinary cleaning company in the universe, you will find me organic farming, practicing Hangul (Korean), and studying history.

Viscose Rugs – A Big Problem

Here at Rendall’s, we receive a wide variety of types of area rugs. Recently, there is one type in particular that has made us internally scream. Judging from the title of the blog post, you can probably guess which one! Yep, Viscose rugs. And there are many aliases for it too. It is also named “banana silk”, “art silk” (A/S), or “rayon”. They’re all the same, just different marketing names. Before we go any further, you might be wondering...

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Reappearing Carpet Spots

Have you had carpet spots reappear after you’ve cleaned them? It could be due to a condition called “wicking” which causes soil to move to the surface as carpet dries. What are Reappearing Carpet Spots? There are several layers to your indoor installed residential carpeting: the carpet pile, the backing (2 backings, actually – the primary and the secondary), the padding, and the subfloor. When a spill occurs, gravity pulls the spill down through the carpet fibers...

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What does CRI Seal of Approval mean?

CRI Seal of Approval for Spot Cleaners You may have noticed that our new product Stain Fu (formerly known as Rendall’s Certified Carpet Spot Remover) is “CRI Approved”. You may be wondering what that means, and why it matters? What is the Carpet Spotter Seal of Approval? If you are one of the many millions of people in the world who have carpeting, you may have purchased a spot cleaner for spills and stains. However, not many people know that a lot of those typical grocery...

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Avoid Using Powdered Carpet Deodorizers

Why should you avoid using Powdered Carpet Deodorizers? The carpet powder deodorizer instructions say, “sprinkle on carpet and simply vacuum it up!” However, sprinkle deodorizers can not only set stains, they can also cause wicking, crocking, and even potentially ruin your carpet or rugs. What are Powdered Carpet Deodorizers? You may have seen these little cans in stores called “Carpet Deodorizer” that instructs you to sprinkle this powder onto your carpet wherever there...

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Top 3 Thanksgiving Food Spills (and How to Clean them!)

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow and there is one thing that we all look forward to: the food! But there is one thing that we don’t look forward to: the food spills on the carpet! We know that it’s bound to happen, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! IF you are so lucky enough to have purchased our new product, Stain Fu, you don’t have to worry! Just reach for your bottle of Stain Fu, spray, and blot it up with some white towels! If you don’t have a...

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Let’s Talk About Carpet Protector

What is carpet protector? Do I need it? There are 2 different types of carpet protector: There is a soil blocker and a stain blocker. In certain carpet fibers, there are little tiny microscopic holes called dye sites. Those dye sites hold dye. You can imagine a lighter colored carpeting would have the same amount of dye sites as one that is dark, but not all of the dye sites are filled in. Less of the dye sites are filled in on lighter colored carpeting. Carpet mills usually put a protector...

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Read This Before Replacing Your Tile!

Should I clean or replace my tile? We’ve had many clients tell us that they want to rip out their tile because they hate it. But we say “NO! Don’t do that yet!”. We may just have a better solution for you. Usually tile itself doesn’t wear out. Is it possible? Sure, but usually it doesn’t. Usually it is the grout lines. Grout is porous and made of cementitious materials. Ceramic or porcelain tile itself is glazed and has a baked on finish on top of it, which...

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10 Myths You Might Still Believe About Carpet Cleaning

10 Myths about Carpet Cleaning Being a carpet cleaning business, we constantly hear bad advice and incorrect info about carpet cleaning. We took the top 10 myths that you might still believe about carpet cleaning and debunk them. 10. Cleaning my carpets will cause them to get dirty faster! IF you get your carpets cleaned improperly, this can be true. Since some methods leave behind sticky residue and soil, it is correct that improper cleaning can make your carpeting soil quickly. However, if...

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Karastan Rug Cleaning Specialists

Karastan rug cleaning is important to maintain the beauty and longevity of your Karastan rugs. First, though, let’s go over a little bit of Karastan rug history. Karastan Rugs – a brief history In the 1920’s The Marshall Field Company modified an Axeminster weaving loom to create the world’s first machine-made rug. In 1928 Karastan Rugs was born, initially to skeptics who wondered how this “Mystery Rug” made by a machine would hold up to wear compared to...

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