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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning – with a MAJOR advantage

Tile and grout cleaning should be a great experience. Have you ever been down on your hands and knees with your toothbrush and bleach scrubbing and scrubbing, and scrubbing some more only to have the tile and grout look splotchy? How would you like your tile and grout to look better than new and also a breeze to keep clean? We here at Rendall’s Cleaning have the answer. We don’t just clean your tile and grout. We clean it and then apply a super hardened colorized grout sealant that looks just like grout, but better in so many ways! Immediately after we’re done cleaning and sealing (no waiting!) your grout and tile will not only be a snap to keep clean, but also all of your grout lines will look uniform. All of it!

Just imagine – no more sore back and caustic, stinky chemicals. Just a tile and grout floor so clean and beautiful that you can eat off it. Rust stains around the toilet driving you mad? No problem. Discolored or stained grout? Don’t worry about it. Your grout looks splotchy? Be at ease knowing it’s OK. We’re the pros at tile and grout cleaning and restoration, and we’ll take care of it for you, and make your tile and grout cleaning life easy. You have much more important things to worry about. Having ugly tile and grout shouldn’t be one of them.

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It’s not my tile – it’s my grout!

Let’s face it. Your ceramic or porcelain tiles aren’t really a problem to keep clean. After all they are glazed and baked from the tile manufacturer and repel soil by their very nature. The problem, as we all know, IS the grout. And unfortunately, most grout is not sealed – at all.

Or if it was sealed, it was with a standard sealer that doesn’t lock out soil, and surely it’s worn off by now anyway. When the tile installation contractor is done, he tells you to seal it – and then you never see him again. When grout is not sealed, or sealed with a traditional sealer, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a problem. A huge problem.

As soil soaks in to unsealed or poorly sealed grout, it builds up and compacts. This impacted soil has nowhere to go but on top of the existing dirt on the grout, causing layer upon layer of soiling. When it’s cleaned the traditional way with a mop and bucket, the dirt is not fully removed – because it can’t be fully removed on unsealed or traditionally-sealed grout.

Most grout is actually a thin mortar product, made up of sand, cement, and binding agents. Despite popular belief, grout does not hold the tiles together; rather, a mastic called “thinset” holds the tile to the subfloor (or wall), and the spaces between the tiles are grouted primarily for aesthetics and for protecting the tile edges from chipping and being a tripping hazard. Grout is supposed to add beauty, not be an eyesore!

Alright, so what are my options?

Great question! There are really only 3 options:

  • Live with your dirty tile and grout

Sure – you could continue to ignore it and let your tile and grout continue to get worse until it drives you insane and you end up calling us to fix it anyway. 🙂 But why suffer? You have much more important things to worry about.

  • Replace your dirty tile and grout

Replacement is always an option, but it’s messy, expensive, and unless you really hate your tile, replacement is totally unnecessary! When checking local prices for grout replacement recently, we found 2 issues: 1) Virtually no one wanted to regrout. They’d rather tear up the tile and grout together and sell you a new floor because it’s not very profitable for them to regrout, even though regrouting is expensive. And 2) Regrouting is at least double but more often double to 3x to 5x the cost of Rendall’s Grout Color Renew! During our search we found that the starting price for 12″ square tile regrouting is $6.50 per square foot on up. Then, even after you’ve spent big money on grout replacement, it still needs to be sealed. Yes, there are times when it makes sense to replace grout, especially when the grout is falling apart, heavily cracked, chipped, or missing. But if the grout is structurally sound there really is no good reason to regrout.

  • Have us Grout Color Renew your grout

For a fraction of the cost of replacing your uglied-out grout, we will make it look new again, and it will last for many years. Our Grout Color Renew process is a permanent fix to an age-old problem. Imagine: no more ugly grout, at a cost far less than replacement, and without the dust, mess, and grime associated with cutting out and replacing your grout. Win, Win, Win – our 3 favorite words.

Can’t I just get it cleaned?

Well sure, you could. But then you still have the issue of grout uglying out again. Perhaps a mental picture will help make the situation a bit more clear.

Under a microscope, your grout looks eerily similar to an English Muffin that’s been cut in half. Can you see in your mind’s eye all of those nooks and crannies? Those are the spaces between the sand and mortar of the grout where dirt likes to hide.

closeup of english muffin
Closeup of English Muffin

Now imagine when you clean the tile and grout with the trusty ‘ol mop and bucket, the soil continues to fill up in the nooks and crannies until it is full of soil. The dirt has taken over, and there is no more place for the soil to hide. It’s right there hiding in plain sight, and unless those nooks and crannies are filled in with something hard and awesome – like our Grout Color Renew, it won’t look much better – even if its professionally cleaned.

The dirty little secret about traditional liquid grout sealers

In the paragraph above, you saw in your mind’s eye all of the nooks and crannies of your grout and how soil gets trapped inside and can’t be released fully, even with professional cleaning. Now imagine melted butter being applied to that English Muffin. The butter follows the crags, peaks, and valleys of the English Muffin as gravity pulls it towards the bottom of the muffin.

But it doesn’t cover those nooks and crannies; the butter merely sits atop the crags, peaks and valleys of the muffin. If the butter is traditional liquid grout sealer, and the English Muffin is your grout, you still have LOTS of places for the dirt to hide out, don’t you? What we’re getting at is that liquid grout sealers are better than nothing, but they don’t prevent dirt from accumulating in your grout like our Grout Color Renew does.

Why our Grout Color Renew is the best answer to your dirty grout problem

Continuing on with the English-Muffin-is-your-grout analogy, and butter is akin to applying a traditional liquid grout sealer, just imagine if you instead had applied peanut butter to the top of the split muffin. What happens then? Well, if you try to apply anything else to the English Muffin after peanut butter has filled in the nook and crannies, it would just sit on top, wouldn’t it?

Even if you tried to pour melted butter on top of the peanut butter, it just wouldn’t work out so well. That’s because the peanut butter fills in the voids, peaks, valleys, nooks, and crannies of the muffin and won’t allow anything else to penetrate. Not even butter, or jelly, or olive oil, or cream cheese, water, or – anything!

Other than our Grout Color Renew curing to the consistency of a rock, it is similar to the peanut butter on the English Muffin. Our Grout Color Renew stops stuff from getting down inside the grout. The dirt has nowhere to hide and it can’t seep or soak into your grout. The soil just stays right on the surface and is easily wiped up with a towel.

Now isn’t THAT what you’re looking for? Grout that looks great all day, every day, month, and year? Grout that only asks you to wipe it up with a towel if you spill something on it? Grout that is super low maintenance and all you need to keep it clean is an occasional sweeping and surface Swiffering?

But can it really STAY clean?

We can proudly attest that with our Grout Color Renew – an emphatic YES! We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our Grout Restoration work. That’s right – your tile and grout will look great every day, week, month, and year, as long as you have us back once a year for an inspection and maintenance cleaning. You won’t have to have our Grout Color Renew applied throughout ever again.

Like any surface, if you just leave it to its own devices and rarely sweep or spot clean, every surface on earth will become dirty – including your color sealed grout. But if you do just a few basic things – like sweep, spot clean, and use a Swiffer on it from time-to-time – your grout will last and last. And again, for your peace of mind, we stand behind our service. We’re so sure that you will be thrilled,  every Grout Color Renew that we do includes an automatic 1-year, no BS, no quibble guarantee. If you ever have a problem with it within the year after our Grout Color Renew application, simply call us up and we’ll cheerfully inspect and fix it.

If you don’t want the Lifetime Guarantee – hey, no problem. Your grout will still look great for a long, long time. How long? That is entirely dependent on your maintenance practices (we will teach you EXACTLY how easy it is), the amount of traffic, and the type of soil.

There is nothing wrong with my grout, I just wish it was a different color. Can you help?

Absolutely! One of the advantages of our Grout Color Renew is that we can completely change the color of your grout. We often see grout repair work that is splotchy because matching dye lots of grout is extremely difficult. But with our Grout Color Renew system, you don’t have to fret over dye lots – we simply color seal all of the grout so that it all matches, in whatever color and shade you wish!

Sounds great, but what’s the catch?

“I don’t think it will work.”

“It sounds too good to be true.”

“Why should I trust you?”

Because of our storied history of providing top-notch World Class cleaning and restoration services in and around Livingston County since 1983, we don’t hear these questions often; but they are fair questions for anyone not yet familiar with us. So here’s the deal. You want to do this, but you just don’t know if it’s really going to end your grout nightmares. Fair enough, let’s get this cleared up here and now”


~Scott F. Rendall, President

There, we stuck our necks out. But truthfully, we know better. We know you’ll be thrilled, otherwise we would never ever in a million years stand behind our awesome Grout Color Renew system. We would clean your tile and grout, collect the check, and punch outta there as fast as possible hoping like Hades you would be happy. Sort of like the tile installation contractors who install your tile and grout, tell YOU to seal it in a couple of weeks, and peel off down your driveway never to be heard from again.

That’s not us. That’s NEVER the Rendall’s Way. We have been your trusted cleaning and restoration company for over 30 years, and we are here for the long haul. We want you singing our praises to your friends, family, and co-workers. We want you to be Loud and Proud about us, our work, and of course your tile and grout, and that can only happen if we know you will be completely thrilled with our work, and our company.

What do I do next?

Call us – today – at 810-225-2184 and let’s talk about how we can cure your doubts about your grout once and for all!


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