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Water Damage Restoration Milford MI

Rendall’s Certified Cleaning Services is the only place to call for Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Milford, MI. We do it all, whether large job or small.

Four Things you MUST do in a Flood or Water Damage:

  • Think safety. Turn off electricity to the area and NEVER enter a wet area where the possibility of electrical current exists. Be careful of wet ceiling tiles and drywall that may fall.
  • Turn off or remove the source of water. At times a plumber may be required to assist in shutting off broken pipes and valves.
  • Remove manageable furniture from the area, if possible. Place aluminum foil under the remaining furniture legs to ensure they don’t transfer color to the floor.
  • Call us immediately! We answer 24/7/365. Our number is 810-225-2184

For your peace of mind we work with all insurance companies. We’ll help you fill out the proper paperwork and walk you through the process from start to finish. We understand the trauma you’re going through and will help you in every way possible. When you have a flood or water damage situation, we assign your own Water Damage Craftsman who will be accountable to you and not the insurance company. We work for YOU.

It’s good to familiarize yourself with our Insured’s Bill of Rights page. Every policy owner, as well as the insurance company, has certain rights. You have the right to choose any water damage restoration company that is properly trained and provides water damage services as a full-time business, like we do. In other words, by law you do not have to choose a company recommended by the insurance company.

We think the more prudent decision for you is to choose whom you feel most comfortable with, and not necessarily whomever your insurance company recommends as that opens up a possible conflict of interest. The water damage restoration contractor should work for you and only you, and not be beholden to or answer to the insurance company. A professional water damage restoration company, like us, will not only work only for you, but also chooses the proper drying methods and equipment. You see insurance is a business, as you know. And like any business, they want to protect profits – unfortunately, sometimes at the expense of you, the insured. We do not play those games – ever. It’s not the Rendall’s Way.

Having said that, we would never ever engage in insurance fraud. Again, that’s not the Rendall’s Way. Insurance fraud includes: hiking up the bill without merit, using unnecessary equipment, giving kickbacks, lying about the claim, etc. We always do the best job possible while keeping the cost as low as possible to return the property to “pre-loss condition”. That’s how the insurance/insured/restoration contractor relationship is supposed to work. We are Insured Advocates, meaning we use our professional training and tools to help get you back to normal as fast as possible without ever cutting corners.

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Additional Services

Not only do we do water damage restoration in Milford, MI and all of Livingston County, but we also offer carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, and repair of flood damaged homes and businesses in Milford, MI and the surrounding communities. We take pride in every job we do, whether small, medium, or large. Of course we also bring with us our honesty, integrity, and reputation which mean everything to us. You simply won’t find another cleaning company more committed to your peace of mind and happiness than Team Rendall’s!

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