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PUP – Our exclusive Pet Urine Plan

Pet Urine Plan? What is it?

We love pets, and chances are you do also! They’re soft, loving, loyal, almost always happy, and playful. What’s not to love? Well, there is one thing not to love: pet urine in your carpet!

As a pet owner, you know one of the biggest challenges is training them to do their business outdoors or in a litter box, and we pet owners quickly come to hope and expect our beloved pets to always piddle where they’re supposed to.

But as we also know, sometimes our pets have accidents – right on the carpet.

Removing pet urine from carpet isn’t always easy, unless it’s a surface piddle and you get to the spot right away. The reason it’s not easy to remove pet urine contamination from your carpet is because lurking beneath your carpet is a “giant sponge”, and it sops up any and every liquid it comes into contact with – including urine.

That “giant sponge” is actually your carpet pad, and it can hold a LOT of urine. Compounding the issue is that urine spreads out as it is driven downward by gravity. What may appear to be a quarter-sized spot from the top of the carpet may indeed be double or triple in size underneath.

Without a doubt, pet urine contamination is the #1 homeowner carpet issue we receive virtually every day. And because we know that pet urine that’s built up in the carpet backing, pad, and perhaps even subfloor, is not always easy to locate, we needed to find a better way. So we did!

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Enter our PUP Kit..

What is our PUP Kit?

Great question! PUP stands for “Pet Urine Plan”, and “Kit” is our set of inspection tools and systems to identify where the contamination resides, especially contamination that is hidden under your carpet.

How does PUP work?

It’s very easy. When you call and identify that you have pet urine issues, we will set up a PUP Inspection with you. We use a blacklight that is tuned to the frequency of urine and other bodily fluids. When the blacklight hits active urine, blood, or vomit, the light fluoresces and shines differently than the area around the stain that isn’t contaminated.

After identifying “ground zero” of the pet urine contamination with the blacklight, we reach back into our PUP Kit for a moisture sensing device. Because salt compound found in urine is a desiccant, meaning it continually pulls moisture from the air above into the urine, the contaminated areas are almost always more damp than the areas next to it that aren’t contaminated. Our moisture sensing tool gives us a visual indicator of the size of the pet urine stain below, without having to remove your carpeting!

Lastly, our PUP Kit includes a Contamination Map where we sketch the areas of contamination and derive the best, most cost-effective means to remove the trapped urine.

How do we remove urine without pulling up the carpet and pad?

As part of our Pet Urine Plan, we have a set of tools and products specially designed to thoroughly flush the pad below, many times without having to pull the carpeting. Now since we’re always honest and upfront with you, our beloved client, there are some things you need to know before we start decontamination.

  • First, your carpet may be permanently stained from the urine. Over time urine attacks the dye structure of carpeting. Then bacteria attacks the urine, and further attacks the carpeting dye structure, leaving your carpet with a permanent yellowing or bleaching of the area. This is not always the case, but it’s something you need to know.
  • Also know that any cleaning products that you apply (other than our super safe and effective Rendall’s Certified Carpet Spot Remover) may permanently set or damage your carpet. We have been to countless homes over the years to remove pet urine, and sadly the carpet fibers are permanently discolored, frayed, or even missing, caused by products and techniques that damage carpet. Even other urine stain removers that say that they’re safe for carpeting may not be true. We’ve seen many instances where the homeowner would have been better off leaving the pet urine spot for us to decontaminate than use an inferior product that permanently sets the stain.
  • If your carpet/pad is contaminated over 25% of the area, it may be more cost-effective to replace the pad and/or carpet. The reason why is because the cost to do what we call “subsurface extraction” is very detailed, the products are pricey (but HIGHLY effective), and it takes a lot of time to do it right. Because of this we have to charge more than our regular rate. To conclude, we’ve found that contamination of 25% of a room starts to meet the threshold of replacement, and you’re usually better off replacing at that point.
  • If the pad is saturated, the subfloor below the pad is likely saturated as well. In extreme pet urine contamination cases, we may have to pull out and replace the pad, seal the subfloor with an oil-based odor-encapsulating shellac, and restretch the carpet back into place after cleaning. Don’t worry – our Pet Urine Plan in the hands of our highly competent and caring cleaning craftsmen will advise you of your options accordingly, before any restorative actions take place.


With all of that said, if you do have pet urine contamination and you want it gone for good, we invite you to call us and discuss. We pride ourselves in doing the right thing every time, and will help you determine your best course of action every time. We are here for you! 810-225-2184.


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